The Gallery: Eyes

January 18, 2012

I cannot remember the last time that I joined in with The Gallery, but this week I tried to take a new photo instead of trawling my laptop for something that would fit and I am glad that I did. One of the things I would love to do this year is teach myself to become a better photographer and doing things like this will give me the opportunity to think and to learn.

You have my eyes. Dark instead of pale like your dads and your sisters. I love the colour of your eyes, chocolate brown instead of my hazel brown. Eyes can tell us so much can’t they. I can see exactly how much sleep you have had by the smudges under your eyes, they are paler now than they had been over the past few months and the lighter they get the lighter my worry becomes. Your eyes crinkle up completely when I ask you to smile for the camera, and they disappear as you gurn and shout cheese. You raise them to the skies when you are being sullen or open them wide when you tell me off, shouting STOP if I am dancing or singing and you do not approve. It makes me laugh so much when shut your eyes and think that means that I cannot see you. Or when you pretend that you are asleep but one eye sneaks open to see if I am watching you. In the mornings your eyes are bleary with sleep and I just want to cuddle you and never let go.

But my favourite time of all to look in your eyes my darling boy is when you come into the room and see your sister. They open wide as you shout ‘HELLO Kate’ and then you lie on the floor beside her and you laugh and giggle at each other. You look up at me and say ‘Kate’s funny Mummy’ and your eyes sparkle with love and happiness.

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