The Gallery: Food

September 28, 2010

This week is all about food. Not really the sort of thing that I take pictures of. So as usual I have gone with pictures of Piran. Our journey with food has been a bit rocky at times, and very frustrating but we are in a fairly golden period at the moment. We have found things that he loves to eat, and others that he is not too much of a fan of. We followed the baby led weaning route and I am glad that I did, although some days it all seemed too much.

I saw his appetite and eating habits change at around 11 months and now at 14 months it amazes me how much he wants to eat! So these pictures are of his first ever meal (not a great photo but a momentous occasion for us), and the last one that I have of him enjoying his favourite meal on holiday, pasta and tomato sauce.

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