The Gallery: A Memory

August 18, 2010

The prompt for this week’s gallery is ‘A Memory’. I have always thought the link between photographs and memories to be a funny one. I think I remember my third birthday party, but realistically I probably just think I do because I have seen photographs and I know I got a goldfish as a present that year so my mind has done the rest for me. The earliest childhood memories that I think are real tend to be the ones for which there are no photographs, so I believe the pictures in my head are true. For this reason I didn’t want to pick an old photo.

The past two weeks have been good for me. I thought this time would be hard for me, as each day bought a new milestone. The day Piran was born, the night that he was taken away from me, the longest most scary hours of my life, the morning of letting my husband know what was wrong, the days in special care, the day the tubes came out, the first day I held him without wires anchoring us to a place, the first time we spent a night together, the day we were allowed to bring him home. For the past year I have tried to bury these memories deep inside of me, to try and forget what it was like, how I shut down inside. But as a year since each of these milestones has past I have spent time thinking, remembering and trying to understand what happened. And now, as I look at our gorgeous boy I don’t want to forget what happened, I want to remember and be grateful that we all made it through it. What I felt was distance on my part was strength. We had a rough start but we have come so far. So instead of removing all of the pictures we have of Piran for the first few days I am putting them in my album and cherishing each and every one of them for the precious memory that they are.

We are so very lucky that our baby has the best medical care. There are many children in other parts of the world that are not as lucky as we were. Every year, NINE MILLION children in Bangladesh die, for no other reason than their parents simply cannot afford basic medical attention to deal with entirely cureable diseases.

Please, take five minutes if you haven’t already and find out more about the three bloggers going to Bangladesh with Save the Children. Then read Josie’s post to find out what YOU can do.

Together we can make a difference.

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