The Gallery: Morning

May 16, 2012

I haven’t done the gallery for a while. I always want to but I work on Wednesdays and the day just passes me by.

I’ve seen tweets this evening about it so I’ve grabbed my phone and scrolled back through my pictures to the last one that was was taken in the morning.

It is not a good photo because it’s very hard to get an iPhone picture of wrestling small people. I am not a morning person so screaming, wriggling toddlers make me a little grumpy but I can’t keep it up for long because the giggles would put a smile on anyone’s face. Even mine.

I love that they do this, they have such fun. I could do without the adrenaline rushes when one or the other gets a little close to the edge but it’s magical all the same. Who wouldn’t love squishy, pyjama wearing, bed tousled hair wrestling babies?

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