The Gallery: Winnie the Pooh

July 21, 2010

I missed last week’s gallery, everything just became too much. Spoilt my perfect record but I am sure no one noticed except me!

This week the prompt is ‘A Novel Idea’: A photograph which you think represents a favourite book or novel or even children’s tale.
A classic, pulp fiction, a fairytale, a modern masterpiece.
Dracula, On Chesil Beach, Lord of the Rings, Little Red Riding Hood.
Tell us which book and why your photo illustrates it for you.

I was stumped I tell you. I had almost given up when I realised that the best book to choose would be the one I am in the middle of reading to Piran as he drinks his bedtime milk each night. So we went out and took this picture earlier.

Winnie the Pooh
Chapter Eleven: in which Winnie the Pooh and friends go to the park and watch a giant boy play on the swings.

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