Girlie night in

August 6, 2005

Well what a fun evening we have had! It was girlie night in extraordinaire! Wine, dodgy cocktails, lots of garlicy pasta and a good old chick flick. In this case, Finding Neverland, which was SOOO GOOD! All very good indeed. There was me and girlie number 1 and Girlie number 2 and her bestest buddy and Zodo. All in all a great mix. We kicked things off with a cheeky pint and then I came back and made Green Fuzzy’s – one of my favourite cocktails – with vodka, blue curaco, peach snhnapps, orange juice and lemonade. Mmmm fuzzy in name and nature!

The film was great – I cried as usual (no biggie I cry at anything, happy, sad, someone is a bit wonky blah de blah) but I really loved it. I must add it to my wish list. Mmmm Johnny Depp. Happy Kel.

Actually that is a lie – felt like fucking shit today. It was horrible it being a Friday and getting all excited and then realising that what I have been feeling on a Friday for the last three months has been excitment over seeing Jon and the fact that the beginning of the weekend equalled me and him being together.

So today was a bit rubbish and i have felt on the verge of tears all day. Worst bit was when Splat emailed me to say that she had spoken to Stevey Baby who had spoken to the Hippy who had told him that we had broken up and was I ok? God I almost burst into tears right there and then. It’s all too much. I wanted to crawl under a duvet and cry. And me in the middle of work. I just went and hid in the loos for a bit!

***Vanilla Ice is on VH1 and I am laughing and taking the piss out of Girlie number 1 because she went to see him in concert in 1989. He he he***

Never normally watch VH1 but it’s quite funny this evening – most shocking moments in music and ‘shock the box’ with old clips of The Word – I loved that show.

Quick question – Do Helicopters have headlights?

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