Goddam the ringing in my ears

September 3, 2005

I love to dance. I don’t do it well but I have fun!

So tonight I went out. I am drunk so typos and spelling mistakes ahoy. But the only thing that is bothering me right now is the ringing in my ears. I think I may be old before my time. We didn’t even go clubbing tonight. Just to a pub that stays open til 1am. When I was there I got annoyed cos it was too loud to have a conversation. Am I 107? Nope 27. I should be out there enjoying it and all I could think was I want to be somewhere with good music that I can still hear mywself think over.

However as cheesey bad nights go this one rocked. Here arre some of the bad songs they played (i’m rubbish at remembering who they are by so titles only)

I wanna dance with somebody
Love Shack
Tainted Love
Club Tropicana
Jump around

Damn it there were so many more but for the life of me I can’t remember what they were. It could be the ringing in my ears.

Night went like this though. Nice meeting in the pub before the meal with lolvely people I get on with. Meal with boss and bosses boss. Much drinking of the free drinks. Got fed up with mate at work disapearing to toilets for 15 mins at a time and then coming back and blaming it on chatty girls in the loo. Pull the other one – you were doing lines of Coke – if you weren’t why so much sniffing? That and the fact it was the same excuse all night. What am I? Stupid? Followed by escaping from the afore mentioned boss and bosses boss to a pub and dancing to the afore mentioned bad music.

The only guy worth flirting with left early to get the last train home. Even though we flirted and had eye contact all night until he left. Gutted.

Oh but the dancing. I LOVE to dance. It makes me feel very happy. Bring on the dancing.

Right I am off to listen to the music in bed and maybe do a little dance!

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