September 2, 2008

Gosh, that little countdown timer on the right is freaking me out a little. Doesn’t help that anyone that I talk to at the moment mentions how soon the wedding is. All I can do is manage a “meep” in return and start muttering to myself. I feel like I am vibrating at a higher frequency than normal, sort of nervous excitement I suppose. I am so excited about actually being married and I am not at all nervous about the commitment side of things it is just all of the arrangements and stuff that has me all of a flutter.

It doesn’t really help that there is a lot going on at work at the moment and it prays on my mind a great deal which means that I am even more stressed. The cracks are beginning to show, Sunday was a write off, woke up with a head cold thing with really painful sinuses and earache and all I could manage was lying on the sofa feeling incredibly sorry for myself. Now I have a sty on my eye which is painful too.

For now I am going to go to bed early and watch 2 hours of CSI and fingers crossed get a good night’s sleep!

Tomorrow I am working from home which will help me get a lot cleared so that I feel better I hope, we will just have to see. Saturday afternoon I am going to a spa, my lovely friends bought me a gift voucher for my 30th birthday in July so I am going for the maximum three hour pamper experience, I can’t wait!

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