March 16, 2007

10.09am The Boss sets the next question:

How much money was raised on Red Nose Day 2005 to the nearest pound?

10.21am The results are out:

Mouldy £21,000,930

Nice but Dim £23,003,456

The Jackal £24,000,000

Dancinfairy £17,458,476

Actual amount raised £37,809,564. You were all miles out, but Kellington was up to her usual standards, and saved you all.

10.22am Dammit I have to get the drinks in. At least I know I will enjoy this one.

10.30am Grab the tray and the cups (which have to be placed specifically onto the tray in the same positions that we sit in because we are not allowed our own mugs and have to use white china ones supplied by work. This makes getting the drinks harder as we have to remember which cup belongs to which person) and head off into the sunset to make the drinks.

10.32am Make the drinks using the hot water tap. Make sure no one is looking and add two sachets of sugar. Also sneak myself in a glass of water. It is me doing the work after all.

10.35am Deliver drinks. No comments which is a change.

11.15am I am being hassled by Mouldy to think of a question.

11.25am My question goes out:

In 2005 what percentage of the world’s tea was produced by India?

11.29am The answers come in thick and fast.

11.30am The results are out.

Mouldy – 58%

The Jackal – 74% – Oops, could this mean another Kelly/Karl drinks day?

The Boss – 43%

Nice but Dim – 45% – Winner – just!

The answer was 51%.

11.31am The Jackal puts off the tea by telling us he is going to Tesco. By the time he gets back it will clash with lunchtime so we may well have a long wait for this one folks. At least I have my water!!!

12.37pm Still no drinks. It is drier than the desert around here…don’t they realise I need rehydrating? Looks like we will have to wait until 2pm. Have taken to croaking down the phone at the customers but it doesn’t seem to be getting through.

12.40pm Decide to send in report as not a lot is happening. Back at 2pm. Just heard that there is Gammon and parsley sauce for lunch. Perfect!

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