March 16, 2007
2.00pm The Jackal is still not back from the gym and caffeine depravation is setting in. I keep finding myself staring into space. i need something to snap me out of it and soon.
2.10pm The Jackal is back and still no drinks. Resort to the old cough and say DRINKS loudly trick and it works!
2.13pm The Jackal is collecting cups and taking orders. Looks like a big round to make up for the 2 and a half hours delay. It is worse than I thought, Nice but Dim just ordered a bad-ass. This is a double espresso topped up with a normal coffee. Could be an interesting afternoon!
2.27pm After quite a delay water and tea turns up. Collective sigh of relief.
15.05pm No new question so no new tea. This is all going wrong. Plus, I am too busy to hassle people about it.
15.17pm Hold the phone, there is a new question and it is a nightmare!

Wikipidea has a number of informative and interesting articles that you can peruse at your leisure but how many are in English?

15.19pm I have no bloomin’ idea so go into vacant staring mode again.

15.20pm I decide to go for the ‘bang number keypad and send and come up with 2,597,659

15.26pm The moment we have all been waiting for…the results.

The answers are as follows.

The Boss – 14,250,362

Nice but Dim – 265,000

Mouldy – 150,000,000

Dancinfairy (Smythe) – 2,597,659

Smythe is the winner closely followed by Nice But, then comes Mick Waters and bringing up the rear as it were is the only gay in the department!

And the correct answer is!! 1,689,179 ahh Mouldy you are funny sometimes! Mines a water mate;)

15.30pm I inform The Jackal that I am able to listen to music and dance and listen to him talk to me because I am of female persuasion. He decides to try talking to me while dancing and immediately forgets what he was going to ask. We decide that the result of the experiment is a resounding No and get quite hysterical with the resulting laughter.

15.33pm Mouldy announces he is going on his break and disappears. Another wait for drinks then.


  • Reply monkey typist March 16, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    i love it when you do things like this!

    are there any jobs going there??

  • Reply soulmining March 16, 2007 at 5:27 pm

    Ah, I’ve remembered my login details at last!

    This is great fun, glad we decided to do a sequel! I will post my transcript on my blog later this evening.

    Still *in shock* that I can log onto your blog at work…

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