Guest #4 – Carol

June 9, 2015

Carol has been a great blogging friend for many years. She is always there on Twitter with a smile and a supportive word when I need it and is always happy to share information and answer questions. She has had a few blogs but her most recent is Lipstick and Lace. I know I first ‘met’ her just before I had Piran so she has definitely been around for six of my ten years. I was so happy that she wanted to write a post for me and she is sharing her top 10 gigs. I love live music and it is something that I don’t get to do much any more. I do have a ticket to see Suzanne Vega later this month though which is very exciting indeed. Over to Carol.


Kelly’s blog was one of the first that I ever read and when she asked me to take part in her 10 year celebrations I couldn’t say no! I used to write about music a lot but for some reason I stopped, so I thought this was a good excuse to indulge myself and write about my 10 greatest gigs. I thought this would be easy but I have been very fortunate to have to been to many, many gigs that I really struggled with just 10 but I just about managed it. So in no particular order here are my 10 greatest gigs/live performances.

1. I am starting with my most recent which was to see Melissa Etheridge. Not many people in the country know her but I love her music. I love her music so much I once named a blog after one of her songs. I found the day before her only UK gig that she was playing and in a last minute ticket buying frenzy got tickets to see her at Shepherds Bush Empire. I managed to grab front row seats and spent two hours singing my heart out. It was one of those gigs when the performer plays all of your favourite songs and you can’t walk away disappointed. I was so glad I listened to Radio 2 and found out about the show.

2. My first ever concert was to see Kylie Minogue when I was about 10. I really wanted to see Jason Donovan but dad refused, I am still clearly not over it. It was the perfect first gig, we sang, we danced, we got off my security for dancing in the aisles and standing on the seats. 25 years later I still remember the feeling I got when the lights went up and she came on stage.

3. My first gig without my parents was to see Skunk Anansie at Westcliffe Pavilions in 1997/98. I went with some friends from school. We walked into Southend first and convinced the barman in a very dodgy pub we were 18 and drunk pints of flat lager. 3 Colours Red were the support band and were brilliant. Just before the main act came on stage we all said ‘Ok make sure we stick together’ as the lights came up and the band came on my friend Clare got whisked away into the crowd and we didn’t see her for the whole gig. Skin’s voice is amazing and we found my friend at the end, she’s had a brilliant time!

4. One of my most favourite bands is Pearl Jam, they are outstanding live and I have been lucky to see them many times but my most favourite time was at the Astoria. If you haven’t been to the Astoria in London (which is sadly no longer there) it was a dark, sticky floor venues with standing downstairs and unreserved seats upstairs. The sound is always spot on and it’s so small you could almost touch them. It was packed out and I managed to bag a spot about 3 three rows form the front and I stayed there the whole gig watching in awe as they perform. I swear the whole of London could hear us singing along to Alive.

5. R.E.M at the Hammersmith Apollo. Small venue + R.E.M = amazing experience.

6. Another band I have been really lucky to perform many times is Manic Street Preachers. My favourite performance was at my first V Festival and I had gone to see another band but couldn’t get in the tent. I was walking back to find my mates when I heard them playing Suicide is Painless and stopped to listen. It was a really small crowd as it was early in the day, I strolled down and stood at the side right near the front and watched them totally remembering how great they are live.

7. On my 23rd Birthday myself, my dad and a few of his rugby mates flew out the Germany to see The Cranberries, AC/DC and the Rolling Stones. It was hot, there were men walking around selling beer and the music was outstanding. A great way to spend a birthday.

8. I have a musical bucket list and for a very long time Fleetwood Mac were on there and then I got the chance to see them perform and man were they worth the wait. I saw them at the o2 and it was the night Christine Mcvie joined them and it was awesome.

9. Another Westcliffe Pavilions gig and this time it was Blondie. I had seen them perform before but this time we were so close to them. They are just so good live, she has so much energy and you can’t help getting caught up in it.

10. This was a really tough one as I knew I had to mention a Bon Jovi gig as I have seen them over 10 times and they are freaking awesome live (don’t mock me until you have seen them) but I had to choose just one I would go with seeing them at the o2 in 2010 for my 30th birthday because they played my most favourite song of theirs. Wild is the Wind is not a very well know track off their New Jersey album but I love it and they never play it live until that night and I just remember thinking ‘at last’.

So that’s my 10 favourite but to be fair I could have written another 30 of them!
Happy 10 year blogging birthday Kelly x

I have asked ten bloggers to guest post for me in the run up to my 10 year anniversary at the start of July. I really hope that you enjoy these posts, and visit their blogs to say hello, or wave on Twitter. Each one of them has been a special part of my blogging life and I am so honoured to call them my friends.

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