Guest #9 – Jen

June 25, 2015

It always seems to me that in blogging circles everyone knows Jen and Jen knows everyone. She blogs at Mum In The Madhouse. I think I have known Jen as long as I have had Piran although I couldn’t tell you when we met! She is always online with a friendly word and a real mix of family centered posts – including cooking, crafting, activities and plenty of ideas to keep the whole family busy. I hope you like her top 10 songs and the reasons behind them.


When Kelly asked me to do a list of ten things, I racked my brain. Should I try and be witty, should I look for amazing quotes that have touched me and will touch you? Should I be my creative self and look for great tutorials or should I do something else? Well unfortunately people who know me will agree I am neither witty nor wise, so here are my top ten songs. Before my kids were born I was really into Music. In fact way back I used to do a Tracks of my years linky on my blog!

Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town – Kenny Rogers
My early years was filled with wonderful music, my Dad was an Elvis fan and both my parents loved Country Music. I was also in a marching band and we played this song and I still love it to this day. It reminds me of frilly knickers, short dresses and happy, happy times. It is a sad song, but I dare you to listen without clicking your fingers or tapping your foot to the beat.

Hot Love Now! – The Wonderstuff
March 1994, the month me and the husbeast made it official that we were a couple. I remember watching their last concert on 15 July 1994 at the Phoenix Festival with him and knowing this was the man I wanted to spend my life with and 21 years later I still feel that way! My brother had an idiot under construction t-shirt. We didn’t have an our song at our wedding a year later, but this always makes me think of my fella!

Last Stop: This Town – Eels
1998 and Videos were big in music land and this one and the upbeat song really sung to me. I totally loved the Eels’ previous songs and this was a standout for me on the Electroshock Blues album. It kind of felt like it was looking in to my brain at this stage of my life, all mixed up, but happy!

Street Spirit – Radiohead
This will be the song that is played at my funeral. Morbid? Maybe, but it has touched me since I first heard it all those years ago. From the excellent album The Bends. This is MY song.

Hallelujah – Jeff Buckley

Oh a song that give me Goosebumps whenever I hear it. It makes me think of my husband as he introduced me to this song way before it appeared in Shrek! Mini’s class sang it last year at their school proms and it was amazing.

Wires – Athlete

This was on the Athlete album Tourist that we bought in January 2005 when I was pregnant with Maxi. It never really had any major meaning until Maxi was hospitalised at five months old and nearly died. As we drove him to the hospital in the car this was playing. This will forever be his song.

Muscle Museum – Muse

Song’s often hold meaning for me as they remind me of times in my life. This is no exception. This was on Muses first Album Showbiz which was release in November 1999. The same month as my Dad died after an industrial accident the month previously. In January 2000 we went on a break to The Canary Islands and I remember laying by the pool with this playing on my Rio mp3 player when the sun shone and I knew that everything would be OK. It was also my phone ring tone for years….

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
As Maxi has a song, so has Mini. Chasing Cars is from the fantastic Eyes Open Album and released on June 6 2006 and Mini was born on the 24th June 2006 and this was what was playing in the car as I pulled in to the hospital. I wanted Mini to lie with me and just forget the world.

Counting stars – One Republic

Not my usual style, but when we went to Orlando in 2013 with my brother and his family this was on the radio all the time and the three kids in the back of the car singing it at the top of their voice every time it came on. It makes me think of an amazing family holiday and great times.

Happy – Pharrell Williams
Minions, clapping, smiling and laughing. Happy makes me, well happy. There is just something infectious about this song and I love that we all sing along as a family. Cheesy? Maybe, but I am old enough not to care!

Once I started this it was really hard to stop. I love so many artists that I couldn’t fit in Beck, Placebo, Turin Breaks, The Icicle Works, The Beautiful South, Kasabian , The Fratellis, Killers, Suede, The Inspiral Carpets, Stone Roses, The Manic Street Preachers, Pulp, Blur, Mansun, The Foo Fighters oh and so many more.

What is your favourite song?

I have asked ten bloggers to guest post for me in the run up to my 10 year anniversary at the start of July. I really hope that you enjoy these posts, and visit their blogs to say hello, or wave on Twitter. Each one of them has been a special part of my blogging life and I am so honoured to call them my friends.

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