Hubble bubble boil and struggle

April 4, 2007
Oh my god my work is driving me completely insane.
This week and next are some of the worst weeks of the year for us. I think I have just reached breaking point and I just cannot cope with any of it any more. I am so tightly wound that the smallest thing is setting me off at the moment…Customer calls in with a slightly unreasonable request…I act like they just insulted the very reason for my being….annoying person behind me who hasn’t actually got a clue what our team is going through at the minute tries to make out that because it happens every year it shouldn’t be a shock and therefore we have nothing to worry about…..I had to physically restrain myself from screaming at him…Mouldly just called me Mini- Mad Old Woman and I wanted to just explode and say screw it all.
My neck is agony and I am so tense it physically hurts.
Plus if one more person tells me that I should be happy because I am moving into my house I will grab them, stick them in my car, drive them to my house and make them do all of the work that entails – including making curtains and sorting out the four million piles of cr@p that has appeared all over our rented abode. that will shut them up.
I feel slightly calmer now as City Girl has cheered me up with details of her imminent visit (our first house guest in the new house) and by emailing me pictures of Kevin The Gerbil. Looking very gay but amusing me no end! Then more and more random 80’s tv characters!


  • Reply Mouldy April 5, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    FYI…I meant the Mad Old Woman comment in the nicest possible way.

    But apologies anyway.

    Its only one week though innit!

  • Reply Kate April 5, 2007 at 10:14 pm

    1) i love the title to this post. lol.

    2) settle down, chill. it’ll be okay.

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