Ickle bit of this, ickle bit of that, Part II

December 20, 2005

I was sat in work about 4pm and suddenly I had an urge to go on a swing. So instead of standing around the back of our office having a cigarette and looking dodgy as usual I went and played on the swings in the park next door. Although I am fairly sure that a 27 year old office worker, suited and booted, playing on the swings at 4pm in the evening in the kiddies playground might have looked a little dodgy anyway! The swings were great though – big enough to fit my adult sized arse in!!

Dippy Mother story coming up: I called Mum to tell her that I would be home in time for dinner on Thursday (IN 48 HOURS WILL BE HOME – WOO HOO sorry I’m very excited) and as part of the conversation she said “Bollocks” in a very loud and slightly unladylike way! Then she proceeded to tell me that Bollocks is her new favourite word. I haven’t the heart to tell her that all my phone conversations are now recorded!


  • Reply Huw December 21, 2005 at 2:06 pm

    Double standard alert! Mother’s swearing branded ‘dippy’ by grown woman using child’s swing.

    Dear me.


  • Reply Dancinfairy December 21, 2005 at 3:06 pm

    Huw, that really made me laugh..you may have a point!

    Oh god, this is one of those times that I realise I am more and more like the Dippy Mother every day!

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