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If only I’d known about having a new baby…

April 15, 2013

…that silence really is golden.

…that I wouldn’t get a good nights sleep in the next four years.

…that lack of sleep is a powerful thing.

…that poo can get places you never thought possible.

…that a baby could cry for eleven hours a day.

…that some babies throw up all the time.

…that I we would be able to devise a top ten puke moments.

…that my body would no longer feel my own.

…that my personal space could be so invaded.

…that little babies are actually quite boring (just my personal opinion).

…that a small person could make me feel so out of control.

…that it is possible to doubt yourself and worry all day long.

…how frightening it is when they are ill.

…that at times I wouldn’t be able to remember my own name.

…that a lot of the time my clothes would be covered in some bodily fluids or other.

…that leaving the house would be one of the hardest things I have to accomplish each day.

…that two children is somehow three times as much work as two children.


So, thank god that I didn’t know. Because I wouldn’t have the two people in my life that make me happier than I have ever felt before. Make me feel loved and wanted and special and important. That brighten every day with their smiles and laughter and noise. That make me think differently, want to spend time doing things I would never have done. They make me laugh, they demand my love and love me fiercely in return. They are by far the best thing I have ever made, ever done. They have changed my life and I am so happy that I didn’t know how hard being a mum could be, or I might never have started this amazing journey.

Piran and Kate


This post is A place of my own’s entry into the Aptaclub ‘If Only I’d Known…’ competition.

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  • Reply Make do mum April 15, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Ha! So true. I often tell Ian that I would never have had kids if I’d realised what it was really like, but then I wouldn’t want to turn back the clock either 🙂

    • Reply Kelly April 15, 2013 at 11:24 am

      I guess that is why no one ever tells you! Or why people laugh it off and say it can’t be that bad and then come back after saying “oh god, you weren’t joking” !

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