Ill and bored

July 5, 2005

I am stuck at home ill. Got up and went to work yesterday but was on my way home within a hour as I felt dreadful. My head is thumping, sore throat, temperature all over the place and I just feel really poo. So at least I have a bit of time to do a blog or two to catch up and get this whole thing sorted.

I went camping this weekend with my whole family. It was great and I can’t believe that the 10 of us managed to spend 48 hours in each others company without there being any kind of row, or fight or tears. Fantastic! It was so lovely to see my nephew Ben and actually have some time to play with him and generally relax.

It was all a bit scary as Jon came with me and it was the first time we had seen my family as a couple. It was great though, I shouldn’t have worried – they have all known him as long as I have (14 years) so it was obvious that they would all get on. I think I was just stressing about the inevitable piss taking from my Step Dad but he was quite tame really. All in all a great weekend apart from the fact that the sun waited until Sunday when we were all leaving to go home to come out!

Well I feel the need to lie down again now. Head is spinning like a top. Might be back for more later!

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