Last nights dream

July 15, 2005

Okay so there is a bit of a random post in the middle of this but I said earlier that I was going to start recording my dreams. Last nights is a bit jumbled now but I will try and record what I remember.

At the beginning I was in a supermarket buying cherries and raspberries. After I had paid for them I accidentally left them at the end of the checkout. When I got outside I realised this and I went back. The lady after me at the checkout was walking away with a bag and my things had gone. I walked up to her and she denied having picked up my stuff but I took a sneaky look in her carrier bag and it was at the bottom. So I tussled with her for a bit and managed to grab something and pull it out but the raspberries had changed into something similar to red asparagus – it was dripping red juide like a raspberry would if you squished it!

Later in the dream we were all trying to get some food. Me and Sez (my sister) were there and there was an old lady with us that I was trying to look after. We went to a resturant and it was taking ages for them to pay any attention to us so I had a word with a member of staff and made everyone storm out. Then for some reason we were back there again and I went up to the counter to say that we didn’t want to but we had to eat there and tried to order. They said to me that it had already been done. I got back to the table and the food was there. The old lady had beans with bread and butter. I didn’t think that this would be enough and said so and Sez went mental at me saying that she was in charge and if I didn’t like it I could just go as I was ruining their meal. In the end we had a real fight (not likely in real life she would flatten me!)

Afetr this I was part of a team of people whose job it was to go out in big vehicles and rescue broken down cars. We did this in shifts and the worst bit was that we had costumes. I had to wear a wonderwoman / super hero / cheerleader shiny lycra combination with a very short skirt. It was red, blue and white. When it wasn’t my shift I was wandering round this field looking down at the floor and there were all these cool carved figures and things and I wanted to pick one up and bring it home but I didn’t. There was a big wire fence around the field and on the other side there were allotments. I was looking at them trying to see one that was like mine (or as overgrown as mine) to show Jon but I couldn’t find one.

Also at one point I was walking down the road with someone and they mentioned Bev. Just then she walked into view talking on a mobile phone. I said that was very clever and then said Brad Pitt just in case he walked into view too. No such luck!!!

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