Laughter is the best medicine

October 11, 2006

Despite my previous post, and how bad I was feeling yesterday I made myself pull my proverbial socks up and go out with some of the lovely people I work with.

We were off for a night of free stand up comedy. Soulmining had alerted me to the fact that there were free tickets up for grabs so I got a few lovely people together and off we went. We really did not know what to expect.

We got there early as we were told that they had issued more tickets than there were seats. good plan you may have thought. Well yes and no. We definately got in and got seats, unfortunately they were in the second row of the audience and very near to a man with a camera. I hate being filmed but did my best just to try and act normal when it came near me. They did seem to take quite a few close ups of us. Scary stuff.

Anyway it was being recorded for the Paramount channel and was called Comedy Blue. Apparently it will be on in the 11.30pm slot. They filmed 5 episodes last night – that people is a lot of comedy in one evening! And a lot of clapping!

If you like your comedy rude and lewd then watch it if you see it listed. Some of it was very rude. Some of it was incredibley close to the bone. Most of it was hilarious.

They said the C word a lot. You all know how much I love that word. There was a real mix of comedians – 11 in all and a Canadian guy doing the introducing and stuff. Actually there were about three or four Canadians. A couple of Australians (who were both very funny). Ed Byrne was there too.

Wish I knew all their names!

Each of us had their favourites. Mine – was an Australian with a story about a vibrating egg up his bottom and another guy that did a very neat trick with a bit of pasta!

I felt a million times better when we left. Laughter really does do you the power of good :o)


  • Reply Joie DeVivre October 12, 2006 at 5:46 am

    I love live comedy, nothing better for belly laughs! And Ed Byrne is hot in a skinny-I-can-make-you-laugh way. Plsd you feel better.

  • Reply soulmining October 15, 2006 at 11:47 am

    Glad you enjoyed it? Did they say when it’s going to be broadcast?

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