Let it all hang out

May 10, 2007

Well, it is Thursday afternoon and I have cleared my desk of all work and all I can do is sit here and wait for the phone to ring. We had the day off on Monday because it was a bank holiday and it has thrown me completely, one minute I keep thinking that today is Wednesday as it is only the third day this week that I have been in work, but it also feels like a Friday because I am going out tonight. It is all very odd.

Paul has gone jetting off to Germany for a meeting so I am home alone in our new house for the first time ever. Not that I will really notice – I am off out straight after work to meet Soulmining for a drink for a hour and then meeting Dawnie for dinner and drinks because it is her birthday. By the time I get home, sleep, get up and come back here I will not have time to miss him (I know I will though!)

I am all of a flutter at the moment. I saw something on someone’s blog that got me all excited! I cannot say much but it gave me the perfect idea for Paul’s present. I am not putting much because he might read this and if I can pull this off I would not want anything to spoil the surprise. Fingers and toes crossed please people.

After months of dry weather it is raining. I do not mind the rain, my garden needs it but the problem is I cannot find my umbrella. Which will be a problem going out tonight – I really do not like getting wet when I am going out. Typically, I am doing a 8 mile sponsored walk on Sunday with Mouldy for McMillan Cancer Support and it is meant to rain and rain and rain. Fingers crossed it will not be too bad but I am going to go and borrow some wet weather trousers from Paul’s mum this weekend to be safe.

My Dad and Stepmum stayed this weekend which was lovely and just after they left I got a call from Girlie # 1 asking if we would mind if she came and stayed with us during the week for a few weeks at the end of the month. Which will be lovely. She also makes Pasties for us when she stays – yum yum.

Well it is now 5 to 5 which is officially known in these parts as ‘pack up and get your things together so you can leave at 5 on the dot’ time. The staff dedication around here is fantastic!

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  • Reply monkey typist May 10, 2007 at 10:29 pm

    i cant believe you’s did all that stuff in the house…!! wow, i am impressed though, ive done nothing, only hoovered twice….la la la…

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