Long and dull Thursday afternoon

January 26, 2006

I have been sat back in the zoo with the monkeys for just over 24 hours. There are so many things that I had forgotten about sitting here that totally do my head in.

  • It gets LOUD out here when a lot of people are on the phone or talking near your desk. Makes hearing customers really difficult.
  • This office is jam packed full of people that whinge. And complain. And moan. I swear if they put as much effort into doing their jobs most of the problems would go away. (Oh and Mouldy – this is not aimed at you specifically.)
  • People have these ‘discussions’ which go round and round. Then someone will finish on a call and ask what they were talking about and the conversation starts all over again. It is like being trapped in a short version of Groundhog day.
  • People are obsessed with fresh air. Now I also like to get some air when I am sat at my desk but the truth of the matter is that it is almost freezing outside, it looks like it is going to snow and frostbitten fingers are such a bad look.
  • People (Nick) keep throwing balled up paper at me and then laughing when I try and throw it back. I know I can’t throw – I’m a girl.

I think it is some kind of office torture that they locked me up by myself for so long and then ripping me out of it and making me go back to the way things were before.


Tonight is third date night. I am really nervous. It doesn’t help when I am feeling nervous and turn round and he is stood behind me talking to my boss. It’s funny though, when we see each other outside of work it is fine, when we see each other in work it is odd. I don’t think I have managed eye contact at all this week. I am really looking forward to it though, I’m just out of practice!


Just checked the weather in Verona in preparation for my trip away next week. -3oC. Brrr. Ok, the average temp is meant to be 7oC. Rethinking what I will be packing as we speak (layers, layers and more layers). Damn Europe and this cold snap it is having. Still it is a week away yet.


I’m sorry if I haven’t been commenting on your blogs, I am still trying to read as much as I can but it’s been a busy couple of weeks and this not being able to use the internet during the day at work anymore is a pain in the bum!


  • Reply Léonie January 26, 2006 at 6:13 pm

    Third date! Cool… have fun

  • Reply running42k January 26, 2006 at 6:42 pm

    HOpe the third date is good. As far as Europe being cold, Canada is having an unseasonably warm winter, and I prefer it that way.

  • Reply AnonymousCoworker January 26, 2006 at 8:58 pm

    Third date? That’s the “sex” date! 😉

  • Reply Adz January 27, 2006 at 10:14 am

    date number three? You’ll be talking about your family members soon, by date 10 the marriage will be mentioned!


    Hope it goes well, I have all my fingers crossed for you! You’ll be fine! x

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