Made it: Hexie Rainbow Mini Quilt

April 29, 2013

It is really frustrating when I am making something that is a present for someone and so cannot share progress pictures online on Instagram and Twitter. It just feels really strange! Happily though, this item has now been gifted to Heather and I can share it on here.

Hexie Rainbow Table Runner

I am not sure if this is a Table Runner or a Mini Quilt but I will let Heather decide the best way that it fits in her home. I made a pile of rainbow hexagons when I was in Cornwall at the start of the year. I just loved the colours and didn’t really have any plans for them once made. I made a couple of flowers with some and then decided that the colours would make a perfect gift for Heather. I know from her Growing Spaces blog that she has bright primary colours in her home so I wanted to make them into something that would work in her home.

Hexie Rainbow Table Runner5

I sewed 4 of each colour hexagon together and then created a staggered rainbow effect. Once this had been all sewn together I pressed it carefully and removed all the papers and basting stitches as I pinned it into place of a background of Kona Snow.

Hexie Rainbow Table Runner1

I machine appliqued it in place and then basted it together with a layer of wadding and a backing of plain red cotton. I echo quilted all around the edge using green, then blue, then yellow thread. I love the pattern that it makes on the back.

Hexie Rainbow Table Runner3

I added triangles on each corner so if Heather decides it is a mini quilt for the wall she can choose whichever orientation that she prefers. Finally I added a binding of Kona Lagoon, machine stitched to the front and handstitched to the back. It is definitely time to learn how to mitre my corners when I do this as they are bulky and scruffy!

Hexie Rainbow Table Runner2

I am really proud of this as it is the first thing that I have really designed from start to finish by myself.

Hexie Rainbow Table Runner4

Project Information:

Name: Hexie Rainbow Mini Quilt
Number of hexagons: 28
Finished size: 27″ x 15″
Machine quilted.

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