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Made it: Wedding Geranium for Kate

July 1, 2014

I really wanted to make Kate a special dress for my brother’s wedding.

After the practice Geranium going so well I just decided to make the same but with a gathered skirt this time. I really need much more practice at gathering but I got there in the end.

I decided to add a ribbon sash that I had on a dress of my own and then I wanted to make the skirt puffier so I made a skirt lining to which I pleated matching turquiose netting. That stuff really had a life of its own and was a pig to get right but after a lot of sewing and some unpicking I got there.

Wedding Geranium

She looked utterly perfect in it and I added some canvas converse style boots to go with it. She totally rocked the look. Piran had matching shoes and they looked so cute together.


Wedding Geranium Dress

This was one of my projects in my Finish Along 2014 – Q2 list.

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