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February 7, 2012

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I must admit that when it comes to food shopping I tend to go for whichever supermarket is closest. I am a creature of habit and even going to a different branch of my usual supermarket do to the food shopping freaks me out. I just can’t find anything and so I have to go up and down the aisles looking for what I need and ending up buying a lot of stuff that I don’t.

The local Tesco in Lewes is like a second home to me these days. I know where everything is and I can whizz in and out with very little bother at all. Mind you, even when I just pop in for a couple items I still manage to spend twenty pounds without realising it. Everything just seems so expensive these days and it all adds up so I am pleased that at Tesco at least we can use our clubcard and get something back. We also both commute a fair way so we get through quite a lot of petrol each month so all the points definitely add up. In the past I used to save up my vouchers and spend them all at Christmas but then I heard about Clubcard Deals.

Now I use my vouchers and exchange them for all sorts of things. Being on maternity leave has meant that some of the things that we liked to enjoy had to be stopped and thanks to my pile of vouchers that I have squirreled away we have still been able to treat ourselves occasionally. Especially when on holiday we were able to use vouchers on days out and having a few nice meals out and about. I love that the vouchers can be used in a lot of family friendly restaurants. A £10 clubcard voucher gets me a £40 restaurant token and that is just right for our family of four.

Every year we use the vouchers to renew Mr C’s Gardeners World magazine and I have given quite a few gift subscriptions using our vouchers too. Which is a great present for the parent that has everything. In fact there are loads of gift options for all members of the family.

And then, if I have any left over to spend I get myself some cinema vouchers. I then hide these away to be used by me and me alone on the very rare occasion that I have child free time to see a film of my choice. And because the ticket is free I have more money for popcorn!

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