Magic pills soothe the mental beast!

October 28, 2005

Men BEWARE Girlie post coming up!

I am a scary monster once a month. If you didn’t read about it before you can here.

Well anyway this has been seriously doing my haed in for the past couple of months and so I did a little bit of research into what I could do to try and manage my hormones a little better.

So I have been taking Evening Primrose Oil every day and for the week before the madness was due to set in I took Starflower Oil as well. And like magic It Works!!!

Seriously normally about now I would be feeling like the world was ending and I haven’t even had one of my imaginary arguments in my head (seriously read the first post if this is not making sense). I feel no different than I do at any other time of the month. Yay!

I just had to share this in case there was anyone else out there reading this that it might help!

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    That’s so good!

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