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November 14, 2011

I have a very bad habit (or good habit depending on your point of view) of buying fabric and other supplies for all of the wonderful things that I am going to make and not getting time to start, or finish each of my projects.

So I thought this week would be the best time to list what I am in the middle of making, or that I would like to make and then I will have a list to refer to. I also need to organise what I need to make as some things have deadlines.

Tunic top

Last Friday I had a rare whole child free day so that I could go to my favourite shop in Eastbourne, the Owl and Sewing Cat for a dressmaking course. I decided to make myself a tunic top and after my usual indecisiveness when picking the fabric I got started, laying out the pattern, cutting my pieces and then sewing. I had a really lovely day. There were three other people and Tracey who owns the shop running the session. It was really nice to have people to talk to as I was sewing too.

I just have to sew on the button and the button loop and I am finished. Then I will get Mr C to take a better picture of the finished top. I am really pleased with my choice of fabric, I really wanted to have something autumnal. I had such a great time and I now feel confident enough to try and make Kate and Piran some clothes.

Advent Calendar

I have finally started my advent calendar this weekend. On Saturday I cut the fabric for the pockets and decorated them with ribbon and fabric and stuck it all on with Bondaweb. The next job is to stitch up the pockets on the machine and I would like to add a little decorative stitching too. Have to make sure it doesn’t take too much time though as I still have to put it all together by the end of November.

Table Runner

An easy project using the amazing Christmas fabric I bought. I only got half a metre but the fabric is 280cm wide. I have had the 80cm piece for the advent calendar and the 2 metres  is going to be a table runner. I just need to sew bias binding round the edge. Needs to be done by mid December ideally.

Christmas Stockings

I want to make four special Christmas stockings for us. We have bought ones that we have used in the past but I want nice ones that we can use year after year. I need to design and template and make sure I have some batting as I want to make the front quilted. I also might need something to line them but I am not sure what to use (I might have something in my fabric stash). Definite deadline of the 24th December.

Dress for Kate

I really want to make something nice for Kate and I have lots of fabric around so I just need to pick a pattern and get sewing.

Skirts for my nieces

I have two lovely nieces and I want to make them skirts for Christmas. I need my mum to go and measure one of them and I need to pick fabric and buy elastic for the waistband. I am going to use this pattern. I should get these done by early December and they will need to be wrapped and posted.

Trousers for Piran

Potty training is on the horizon but I cannot find any trousers that have an elasticated waist that I like but I have found this pattern and I reckon I could manage it. Totally undecided on fabric though. Deadline will be when Piran stops refusing to sit on either the potty or the toilet and crying his eyes out when I suggest it. So, no rush.

Cushion for Mum

I have some Liberty fabrics that I want to make a patchwork cushion with for Mum for Christmas. Just need to pick a pattern and get sewing. December probably.

Cross stitch

Mr C bought me a lovely Campervan cross stitch tapestry thingy for my birthday. I have done some of it (maybe a quarter) but I tend to do that when we are watching TV. No rush.

Crochet Blanket

This has been in my crochet bag for at least six months and I started it well over a year ago. I have made it too long and each row takes forever but I like to do it on a cold evening in front of the television so maybe over the winter months there will be some progress.

Christmas Cards

Piran and I have started to make Christmas cards I just need to stick some bits down and then get him to  decorate them. Hope to do it this week.

Kate’s shelves

I bought a set of wall shelves on eBay but the colour is almost identical to the paint I have used on Kate’s wall so these need to be cleaned, prepared and painted before they are hung up. No rush but I need supplies first.

Christmas decorations

I have lots of ideas floating around about decorating for Christmas but I am not sure where to start! I am planning on getting all of the practical bits out of the way before this so I will revisit in December.


I wanted to make napkins but have decided to order red ones from eBay and I will embroider them to make them Christmassy.

Button light and lamp

Kate’s lampshade and light shade in her room are plain cream and I want to make them pretty by sticking on buttons. I treated myself to some fabric glue this weekend so I just need to pick up some cheap buttons from somewhere. Again, this can wait until after Christmas.

Oh my, that is a long list. Things kept coming to me as I typed. I am sure there are more but that is more than enough to be going on with.

What about you, do you have any works in progress or exciting plans of things to make? Please leave me a comment telling me more, I would love to know all about it.

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