Make it Monday: Christmas Cards

November 30, 2011

 Yes I know it is Wednesday but I am a bit behind this week!

I just wanted to show you what Piran and I have been making this week. Christmas cards! A couple weeks ago we tried potato printing for the first time and did some handprints as well. I cut them out and then we used them to decorate some cards which will be used for Grandparents and other special people.

We used the prints we had made and I have a box of festive card making bits I bought two years ago when a local craft wholesaler opened their warehouse and let us in to shop. I paid around £10 and over three Christmases I have barely made a dent. Brilliant value and loads of fun this year now that I have a helper.

Piran was obsessed by this snowflake stamper.

The designs are mostly mine with embellishments by Piran.

I wasn’t feeling brave enough to break out the glitter so we stuck to stickers!

Each one has a Piran handprint and ‘Made by Piran aged 2’ on the back.

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