Make it Monday: Inspiration

February 20, 2012

Firstly, an apology. Life got in the way and I completely forgot to draw my button winner from this giveaway on my button lampshades post. I have consulted the random number generator gods and of the eight entries number 4 was the winner. Congratulations Chris, I will arrange to send my buttons your way shortly.

I have had no free time for making anything than beds and dinners recently. Usually I just look at all the things that I don’t have time to make on Pinterest and dream of a time when I will get a chance. But my favourite is when one idea meets another idea and sparks something off in my brain.

These are the ideas that I pin to my inspiration board. I am itching to get going with an idea that I have had that mixes this online stencil generator that makes a stencil from any photo with this silhouette canvas. Watch this space for that one.

Happy making.

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