Make it Monday: New Skills

May 23, 2012

This summer I am going to learn something new! I am equal amounts scared and excited but I have signed up for an online class. It is the ‘Handstitched Class’ run by Rachel from ‘Stitched in Colour‘. I have not tried anything like this before but I am really looking forward to it.

It starts at the beginning of June and I am sure that I will write about my progress, and show off my projects as I go (if they are half decent).

Handstitched Class

Secondly I am going to develop something I have already learned. I have signed up for Kat & Kat’s first Capturing Childhood course that starts next week. Collect the Moments is a 6 week e-course helping you to photograph your children. I am hoping that it will be the perfect thing for me now my camera is switched firmly to manual and my children are the one thing I never tire of photographing.
I am really looking forward to both and to developing my skills in two areas that I really enjoy.
Okay, I know that is is actually Wednesday but I am at least a couple days behind this week.

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