Make it Monday: Planning not making

February 6, 2012

Today was my first Monday back at work and I feel tired and worn out and a little sad that I have not had any time to make anything this week.

However, I have spent this evening commenting on some blog posts and pinning all the wonderful things that I have seen in the last week that I want to make, or have inspired me to make something so I thought I could just do a quick round up instead.

I found these paper flying fish, super simple and a perfect distraction for Piran on a cold (wet, snowy) afternoon.

I love this new baby toy made from an upcycled jumper (or cardigan) by Make Do Mum. Her baby is the next one I know that is due, so I will have to make this for someone else!

I still have my twig wreath that I used at Christmas and I love the idea of wreath with felt flowers, it will be perfect to brighten the house in preparation for Spring.

It is my Dad’s birthday next week and I have been seriously lacking in inspiration for a present for him, cursing my plan to make everybody’s presents this year. However Tara has come to the rescue with this LOVE picture. Now I just need to get planning and snapping.

Finally I pinned two quilts. I am totally in love and awe of M is for Make’s Amazing Technicolour Dream Quilt made from Loulouthi flannel no less. It is completely beautiful and must be the best thing to snuggle up under. Then there is a Selvedge Mini quilt. I cannot get enough of anything made from selvedge and this is rainbow coloured and has clever crosses as part of the pattern as well. It really is a thing of beauty.

What are you making this week? I would love to hear what you are up to.

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