Mountains high, valleys low.

November 11, 2006

This is a rollercoaster.

I was doing well at Nano at the beginning of the week but as I entered week 2 my brain exploded. I was just so tired! So this week has looked like this:

Monday – I hit 13440 by bedtime.

Tuesday – I eat a lot. Word count 0.

Wednesday – another great night. I get to 17225.

Thursday – Sit in front of tv. Yawn a lot. Go to bed at 8pm. Word count 0.

Friday – have to go out for dinner then really need to spend quality time with Paul. Word Count 0. Movies watched 1. (Date movie – had me in stitches on moment – hiding the next. The cat on the toilet? That is some freaky shit.)

Saturday – get up early and go to town to run errands. Back. Get on with it. Start at 11 o’clock. It is now 2.37 pm and I have written 3,884 words. Not bad. As a reward I have purchased an album from iTunes, made a new playlist for novel writing purposes and worked out how many more words I really want to write today.

Will let you know later if I do!!!

Later Saturday – 6pm. That is enough, I am broken (plus we are out for dinner tonight and I have to go and make myself look human!) Today’s word count – 6,496.

NEW TOTAL 23,721.


Right, I am off out to try and have a normal conversation! (and to apologise to Paul because I snapped at him for ruining my concentration. Mind you, he was wandering around, just outside the door talking to himself and that is rather distracting!)

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  • Reply Anonymous November 12, 2006 at 2:37 pm

    hooray for being almost half-way done! i want to read this novel when you’re done.

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