My small stuff

March 21, 2012

This week is a bad week. I hate to write it off like that and to be honest despite everything going wrong I was keeping up my spirits and my sense of humour until I sat down on the beach today with a cup of tea and a slice of cake and before I could eat it a bloody great dog came along and stole my piece of cake.

That just sums this week up basically. Illness, more illness, injury, solo parenting, inlaws being ill too, falls, difficult children and flat out exhaustion. Throw in a canine kleptomaniac and I have just about had enough.

Thankfully, blogging has saved the day again. Last week I read I fantastic post on ‘Is there a Plan B?’ called The Small Stuff that stuck with me all weekend and I couldn’t resist writing a similar post. I am in good company as I see Sandy has joined in as well.An opportunity to let go of the big things, the worries, the pressures and just concentrate on the small things that make us feel good.

So I give you…my small stuff.

tiny daffodils under roadsigns :: how beautiful Kate looks covered in banana, snot and toast :: the way Piran names everything ‘Cheesley’ :: sleepy ‘lub you too’s in the middle of the night :: surprises in the mail :: giggle fits :: learning something new

losing myself in a book :: drinking a cup of tea at the perfect temperature :: a telephone call from my mum :: musicals :: walking barefoot :: the smell of cut grass :: laughter :: feeling inspired :: getting into bed :: a lie in :: cream teas :: seaglass

sending surprise gifts :: writing letters :: easter egg chocolate :: spicy chai tea lattes :: the feeling you get when you come home after being away :: thoughtful gestures :: sewing :: cooking :: the way Kate eats a clementine :: the way Piran calls Flamingoes ‘full-lala-ming-goes’

unexpected moments of pride :: water fights :: cloud watching :: old friends :: being silly :: the smell of vinegar on hot chips :: red wine :: cold lager on a hot day :: pottering about at home :: real letters :: orange :: aqua :: sea green :: yellow :: silence

towels fresh from the drier :: paddling :: scallops :: solitude :: beaches :: the sea :: sand in my toes :: tea in polystyrene cups :: snuggly flannel sheets :: burnt orange roses that remind me of my wedding day :: browsing the antiques shops in Lewes :: stripey deckchairs

losing track of time when crafting :: sitting down to write and the words flowing :: unexpected emails :: words of support :: getting goosebumps when I hear singing or music :: the smell of hot pavements in a rain shower :: my Rob Ryan umbrella :: quiet :: interesting programmes on the radio 

holding hands :: wiggly fives :: private jokes :: the fact Mr C went to buy fish and came home with an engagement ring :: trusting my instincts :: music that sparks memories :: crying at films :: DVD boxsets :: crisps and dips :: monopoly

Please leave a comment and let me know one of yours.

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