My weekend

June 11, 2007
Old haunts, outside drinking, Ricky Gervais, laughter, bright lights, Chinese, amusing tv, indigestion, interrupted sleep, lazy morning, sausage sandwiches, too much tea, cooking programmes, pottering about, town, new old hat, hot library, sunshine, relaxing, sleeping, gardening, hair cut, too short, wonky head, shakes and tears, clippers, scissors, flower hairband, relaxing stroll, cold cider, good barbeque, trophies, prizes, sad news, raffle, Airplane, brandy, honest conversations, friends, loneliness, happiness, tipsy, Waterboy, munchies, sleep, sneezing, cooked breakfast, lazing in bed, queasy, reading, rubbish tip, strimming, mowing, washing, line collapsing, dirty clean sheets, sneezing, nose blowing, Miss Match, Grand Prix, baking, cooking, icing, sleeping, hot honey and lemon toddies, sick, reading, washing up, cleaning, washing, reading, coughing, sleeping.


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    Like it! My weekend was…

    Hi Dave, cooking, friends, walking, blagging, beer, Holy Hail, beer, New Young Pony Club, jumping up and down, sweating, find Andy’s glasses, more beer, wave at Louise, dancing, tipsy, stumble home, sleeping, headache, packing, rush to work, lots of water, bacon & sausage sandwich, working, naked cyclists, printing, myspace, escaping, train, bus, more naked cyclists, pub, cider, top ten horror remakes, eating, Mike’s amazing dinner plate smash, DVD exchange, old friends, new friends, JD & coke, bus, couch, can’t sleep, mysterious voice in the middle of the night, too early, shower, wake up, bus, queue, McBreakfast, talking, Edgar Wright, Hard Boiled, queuing, The Last Boy Scout, best use of glove puppet in a movie, more queuing, Nick Frost, Point Break, gayest movie ever, food, queue, DON’T, Simon Pegg, Kevin Eldon, Bill Bailey, heavily pregnant Olivia Colman, the legendary Paddy Considine, photos, Hot Fuzz, laughter, filthy, seagulls, marriage proposal, goodbyes, bus, Victoria Station, Gatwick Express, fined, pissed off, train, dozing, walking, unpacking, sleep.

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    My Weekend

    July 10, 2006

    Things I did do that I had planned:

    Leaving drinks for the lovely Debs on Friday.
    Drink down by the beach on Saturday.

    Things I didn’t do that I had planned:

    Watch films.
    Sunday lunch with friends.
    Watch Doctor Who on Saturday.

    Things I did that I hadn’t planned:

    Met Paul’s mum and sister for coffee on Saturday morning.
    Went shopping and bought pants, flip flops, magazine, nail files and moisturiser.
    Drank too many pints on the beach outside the Honey Club.
    Decided as it was my last weekend in Brighton I should go down the pier.
    Went down the pier.
    Had a pint in Hoartios (yep it is as bad as it sounds).
    Laughed at Stag Do.
    Laughed at Paul and Ian playing rubbish games on the pier.
    Ate dinner at Subway.
    Decided 5 minutes later that I wasn’t full so went and bought a Chinese.
    Lay on bed for 5 minutes at 6pm.
    Woke up at 8pm.
    Missed Doctor Who.
    Ate Chinese.
    Went to sleep.
    Did nothing on Sunday.
    Except watch Doctor Who.
    And Wimbledon.
    And the World Cup Final.

    Looks like I did a lot but it just boils down to drinking, shopping, drinking, watching TV.

    This week will be filled with panicking about moving, eating up all the food in the freezer, packing and eventually moving. Oh and on Friday night we have a Hoedown to go to at work with proper barn dancing and bull riding and all that stuff.

    I promise amidst all this stuff I will do my best to find time to blog.


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    Not Horatios! I hope you didn’t do Karaoke!

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    Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Nothing wrong with a little drinking…of course I would say that, I’ve been consuming a lot lately and am, in fact, having a drink right now.

    Got any pics of your new place? I’d sure love pictures from the pier that you were talking about!

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    I love it that you left subway and then went and got chinese…that is totally something that I would do!

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    My weekend

    September 1, 2005

    So it breaks down like this:

    Friday: Good drive down (five and a half hours) Sleep!

    Saturday: Woke up. Spent a couple hours with Dippy Mother. Then we attemped to go to St Ives for lunch. Couldn’t park as the eighty million emmitts (what us Cornish call the tourists – it’s Cornish for ants) had also decided to go to St Ives. Drove along the coast (beautiful) to St Just where we had a wonderful lunch in a little pub called The Star Inn. The food was great and the local Dartmoor Ale was really tasy (although I only had a sip – driving!) Came back and had a beer in my favourite beer garden of all time. This is the view:

    Managed to fit a couple of hours in at my Dad’s which was lovely. I got to act like a big kid and play with my nephew for a while, and get my cuddle fix! Then it was off to Ian Brown at the Eden Project.

    First there was Badly Drawn Boy:

    Then Ian Brown:

    Ok so the piccies aren’t that hot but the venue and the set were. We had a great view of the stage (I could see for a change – being small is such a pain sometimes) and he played lots of songs that I love. He even played a couple of Stones Roses songs which was great. I had a guy on my right that was dancing like a epileptic seal (it was actually pretty damn funny) and I kept getting scared he was going to crack me one in the head! Nutter. Seriously though the atmosphere was amazing it is a fantastic place for gigs. I will definately go back next year. Much kudos to Rob for the insider knowledge that he doesn’t do encores so we managed to beat the rush out!

    Sunday: Lazy morning involving relaxing and reading in the sun then Aisha came over (fantastic friend miss her long time) and dropped us off in St Ives. The weather was great and we did much relaxing on the beach. I even swam in the sea! Which was lovely. I know I live by the sea in Brighton but I never swim in it – I was spoilt growing up with all the clear water! I refuse to swim in sea that I can’t see the bottom of!

    This is Aish and the suntan lotion! (she’d kill me if she knew)

    Then we spent a few hours having a wander about. I bought some beautiful new shoes. They are rocket dogs and they are courduroy. I have been desperately trying to find a picture on the internet but no luck so I will have to take a picture with my digital camera then post it. Trust me they are that nice! We had dinner and a few drinks and then the wonderful Dippy Mother came and picked us up so we didn’t have to pay a fortune for a taxi.

    Monday: Went for a walk along the coast to Lands End (not the end of the world, just the end of England for those not in the know) and saw this along the way:

    This is Nangiszel beach. Such a pretty cove and so inviting when you are hot from the walk.

    Then we had pints at Lands End.(Rob and Girlie number 2)

    I put suntan lotion on my feet and then walked along dusty cliff paths! They were minging! I have bad tan lines on my feet anyway from constantly wearing this pair of Reefs every day all summer and this just made it worse!

    Bought fudge and rock (sweets, candy) and then all went back to my parents for dinner and a snooze and then off we went on the three hundred mile journey back home (which only took 5 hours which is v good going). Nice!

    Tuesday: Recovered by sleeping all day. Driving totally knackered me out!

    Bank holidays are the best.

    Did I mention Ian Brown ROCKED???


  • Reply Léonie September 1, 2005 at 10:05 am

    Wow! Such lovely photos – you live in a lovely part of the world!
    Very jealous.

  • Reply Dancinfairy September 1, 2005 at 11:58 am

    I know it’s amazing – I am very lucky that I have loads of friends and family there. I just wish I could afford to move back there and stay forver!

  • Reply Doug September 1, 2005 at 2:13 pm

    I am in complete agreeement with leonie on the pictures. If only there was something that nice even remotely close to where I live. I guess I could visit Niagra Falls which is pretty damn impressive (or so I’ve heard).

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