Not so lazy Sunday.

December 3, 2006

Things that made me happy on Saturday:

Spending a day alone with Paul.
Being silly and laughing.

I am so gutted that I missed out on the little blogmeet that we had arranged last night. I am sure that tons of fun was had by all, and it makes me sad that I missed it.

The upside of not waking up in London at a friends house is that I got to have a lie in (yep, more sleep) and then I cleaned and tidied and shopped (scary pre Christmas food shopping mania has started already – freaky) and ordered the meat from Christmas dinner and took things to the tip and did the recycling and ironed and all sorts of things so now I have a tidy (well ish) house and I can relax :o)

There has been a very serious fire up the road today, a fireworks factory has gone up in flames and there has been sirens and explosions all afternoon. It sounds quite serious and I think that there have been quite a few casulities. It is scary, it is less than a mile up the road from us. It has gone quieter now but we keep watching the news to find out more.

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