Now I have figured out how to post by email

July 20, 2005

This is great. Now I have this sussed I can sit at work typing an innocent email and it is actually me blogging to my hearts content!

It is 10.45 and for the first time in weeks I have actually been steadily busy from when I started at 9. This place has been really quite dull recently. The work has dried up again now so I will just have to sit here and twiddle my thumbs until someone finds something that we need to do. That is the problem with my job. If it is quiet there is nothing that you can go and do for a bit. It is all so reactionary. Waiting for the phone to ring or for a fax to come in so we can all fight over who gets to put it on the system.

This morning was a complete nightmare – got up early to have a shower to discover that my lovely housemates had used all the hot water so I was out of luck. Also no food in to make my lunch with and we had run out of milk so I went without breakfast. So I was up early and had nothing to do until I left for work. So I sat in the front room and sulked and read my book for 40 mins. As I am sure you will realise I was not a happy bunny.

Seemed to have cheered up by the time I made it to work but that was easily ruined by my arch nemesis Fuzzy Head. As usual he is completely incompetent and I spent this morning getting wound up because I knew he had done something and not told me and more and more each day I have the urge to kick him in the head. Don’t get me wrong (as you might from that last comment) I am not a violent or aggressive person but he makes me hate him so much drastic action is called for. I make up for my inability to do anything about it by pointing out his incompetence every time my boss is within earshot. If he would just stop getting stoned every night he might recover enough brain cells to actually do his job properly. Grrrr.

This is such a ranty blog but it is nice that I can get all this frustration out.

There are good things about today:

It is Wednesday so it is halfway through the week.
It is payday for this month.
I have my first tennis lesson with Matt this evening after work.
I got a lovely email from an old friend when I got to work this morning. It is my birthday in 9 days.
Matt and I are having lunch together today.

So I shouldn’t worry to much about hot water and work politics, I should focus on the positives.

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