The one at the beginning of the year

January 2, 2008

Wow. 2008. How did that happen?

I just realised that the battery was getting low on my laptop. So I tried to remember where I had my cable last and it was on the shelf next to me (I am on the sofa) all plugged in and ready to go. I didn’t even need to get up. Result!

That is good because I am snug with my blanket on my lap and my laptop working as a little electronic hot water bottle. Because outside it is cold. I swear the temperature dropped about 6 degrees today in less than a hour. Brrr. There is a possibility of snow tonight too. Love the white stuff but don’t need it on a work day because people in this country freak when there is the smallest bit of snow. They have no idea how to drive and quite frankly it is utter chaos.

I had a nice Christmas and New Year. My Dad and Stepmum came and stayed from the day before Christmas Eve until the day after Boxing Day. GF and I had a few days off before they came and sorted out the house, did all the food shopping and basically just chilled out. That bit was lovely. Then the bickering parents turned up!

It was lovely to see them but they just niggle at each other all the time. Neither is perfect, however I find my Stepmum’s attitude really hard to deal with at times. Especially the way she treats my Dad. Mind you I love her so much, I just find it hard to be aro9und them for too long. Love my Dad madly though and never get enough time with them so it was great. GF had tonsilitis (amazing fact – he has had his tonsils out – go figure) so he has been pretty rubbish for the past 10 days really. So he was meant to be helping me with three days of cooking and I ended up doing most of it but it was okay in the end.

We had a chicken for Christmas Day and it was huge, more Teradactyl than poultry I think. 1 breast fed all 4 of us on Christmas Day. Craziness. Lots and lots of lovely food including a very sucessful Honey Roast Ham which was delicious. We still have left over cake, chocolate and snacks. I have eaten so much!!!

New Year was a quiet affair, we just went to the cinema to see I Am Legend. Great film, but don’t do and see it if you are expecting action. I loved it anyway. Not the most cheerful of films for New Year but it was good to get out. With it being a Monday I just didn’t want to go home from work and just start watching TV or something like every other day of the week. We also saw The Golden Compass last weekend which I liked too. I love the books so much that I was worried about going to see it but it was really quite successful, which was a great relief.

This is the first post I have written in a very long time, It is nice to be writing.

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