The one on a lazy Sunday morning

September 16, 2007

I am so slack! I thought that by moving my blog it would encourage me to write more but I guess work and life just seem to keep getting in the way. It has been a pretty hectic month or so actually. Work has been as crazy as ever and I have had a lot of holiday!

Still today is Sunday and it is sunny outside but I am happily lying about in bed as I slept badly last night so just want to rest a bit. GF as usual has been up for hours, sorting out our house and tiding the garden. I have my chores to do later but for now I am enjoying the peace and quiet!

Yesterday I went with a friend from work to try on wedding dresses. Neither of us are particularly girlie girls and we were both dreading it but actually, once we has picked a couple of dresses and started trying them on we started to have a lot of fun! It is weird, you go into these places with a preconceived idea of what you actually want but I found that the ones I liked were actually quite different! It was good though and now I have done it once I feel that I could do it again! Girlie number 1 is actually a seamstress and has offered to make my dress so really I just wanted to get an idea of what I might want and then I can show her some pictures and see if she really feels like she wants to do it because it is so much work! It would be amazing to have something that is unique to me though.

We are hoping that the wedding will be on 27th September next year (so we have plenty of time for sorting all this out!) but it is all so daunting that it keeps me awake at night already. Which is just crazy but I guess that is the way that my mind works.

Right, I feel the urge for a snooze so I am going to snuggle down again. It is a hard life!

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    You’re hiding too much from your place to hide 😛 hihihi

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