The one where I try and post by email

August 14, 2007
The first rule of covert blogging at work is to set my blog up so that I can send emails as posts. We have a completely open plan office with scary wide screens and everyone can see exactly what you are doing. So if I can do this by email it means that it will look like I am writing something terribly important and not slacking off at all.
Well, that is my plan anyway.
I seem to have a lot on my plate at work but it doesn’t seem to convert itself into huge piles of work, just a fluttery scary feeling in my chest when I consider everything that I need to achieve. Today I have decided to relax and take poosday as it comes so I am going old school and actually answering the telephone for a while. It makes a change, I am usually dashing about here there and everywhere attempting to get 15 things done at once. The slight lull I have is good though as I am going on holiday next week and need to get completely up to date.
Hmm, now I have said that I am sure it will go crazy in the next few days.
This afternoon I have the dentist and the hygienist. I get all the luck. Double torture and for the amazing price of £50. I am so lucky!
It is raining outside and is really miserable. More severe weather warnings and no sunshine. I hope that it gets it all out of the way this week and is better next week otherwise camping is going to be a barrel of laughs I am sure! I am sort of glad that it is raining today as we laid some turf in the back garden this weekend and it really needed a good soaking before it shriveled up and died.
Oh well, not a lot else going on in my life today. Just work and more work and a little dental torture thrown in at the end of the day for good measure!


  • Reply dragonfly August 14, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    I’m here and commenting! 🙂 The London trip looked fabulous. Also? I’d be more than happy to trade a little of my 100 degree sunshine for a bit of your rain. Any. Time. Right now would be grand. I’d email it if possible. Heh.

  • Reply runnerfrog August 15, 2007 at 5:50 am

    If you add an active meter you’ll see many people coming back; I am one, specially since you took that healthy yellow colour on august 9th, that I like so much. 🙂 But something failed in the part about the dental torture >:-D You should have been more detailed for your audience, lol
    Nice post by email, now you can even moblog from anywhere you are.
    Well, in the end I spoke. 🙂

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