The one where I try to deny I am a comment whore

August 13, 2007

Oh, this is all so strange. It is just like the first time that I started to blog. Me writing posts and sending them out into the ether and not knowing if anyone, anywhere is reading. No little comments trail to act as the metophorical crumbs leading me to someone elses home.

I am not bemoaning the fact I have no comments. In a way I actually like it at the moment. I want to write about some stuff but I kinda feel paralysed about the whole thing. So perhaps this is better.

I was going to add active meter or something so I could see proof of how few people are reading this but I think I will wait for a while until I have got some things off my chest and I feel a little better.

I am attempting to turn the comments off on this post so that I can prove that I am not begging you to comment, like the comment whore I once was, but it is in German and I am guessing that I have managed it okay! Only time will tell.

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