The one with the elephant in the room

March 10, 2008

I had a lovely weekend this weekend. Well most of it anyway. Friday night was a bit of a bother. We went out straight after work and got home at about 8.30 with a nice Chinese takeaway. I unlocked the front door and went to go in when I noticed that some of the things that had been on our telephone table were on the floor. I just felt straight away that something was wrong. I sent GF in first to check when was going on (the first thing he checked was the TV unsurprisingly, he loves that thing). TV was still there but there was some weird mud on the sofa. We thought perhaps that Mother-in-law-to-be might have been in with the dog but that theory was quickly shot down when we went into the kitchen.

It was destroyed and covered in bird poo. So was every other room in the house. It was a complete nightmare. Poo everywhere and everything on the window sills and in the rooms on the floor. My favourite precious CLEAN bed linen was covered in poo. I swear, I have no idea how a bird could have that much poop.

We couldn’t find it anywhere so we sat down and ate and then went to start the clearing up. I went into the spare room as we had piles of clean washing in there that needed sorting. GF went into our bedroom then screamed like a woman and ran out slamming the door. “Ah-ha!” I thought. “Missing bird found!”

The next 10 minutes was hilarious as we are both afraid of birds (I cannot stand anything that flaps). I was out in the street trying to see in the window shouting the bird’s location to Paul who had a towel over his head and was wearing rubber gloves standing outside the bedroom door. Luckily his Mum appeared at that point and showed us both up by just going into the room, opening the window and coaxing the bird out.

So excitement over, major cleaning started. We finished at about 10.30. Rubbish! There is still some bits that I still need to try and get out!!!!

The rest of the weekend was lovely, I went to a hotel for a Spa weekend with Lovely Lady and some of her friends and family. It was very nice. Had a facial and a massage, loads and loads of great food, swim, steam and sauna, lazy hours reading books and drinking tea in the lounge. It was bliss actually. We were only there for just over 24 hours but it felt like days. Feel very refreshed even though I am feeling a bit grotty, probably from all those horrible toxins we were flushing out!!!

Two friends had babies last week too. All lovely and happy! Also, my sister is pregnant for the second time. It is early days yet but she is due two weeks after my wedding. Fingers crossed please that she doesn’t go into labour right in the middle of the service! This means that she is a bridesmaid no longer so I have asked City Girl and G # 1 instead who are both over the mood and honored and very excited and they have made me excited about the whole thing again.

Finally, I had a lump removed from my neck a few weeks ago and they said they didn’t think it was anything to worry about but that they would send it off for tests and that I should just check with my doctor after a few weeks. Then I got a letter last week telling me I have an appointment on Wednesday. It freaked me out a little but I decided not to worry. Then I got a letter from the doctor’s as well telling me that they need to re-examine the area and possibly take away more of the skin for tests. Now I am really worried, it just all sounds so serious. I had a small piece of skin removed from my back when I was 25 and that was a cancerous growth but luckily it was localised and not the sort that can affect your general health. But this new lump was about the size of a 5p (which is just a bit smaller than a dime I think) and It didn’t seem to be a skin problem but something underneath the skin so I don’t know.

Needless to say that is the elephant in my room at the moment. I am trying not to worry (and I did manage to relax this weekend) but now I am back at work it is all that I can think about and it is really doing my head in. I have only told GF and Lovely lady and both of them keep telling me it will be fine but I am having my usual reaction which simply is to go and hide under the duvet and not come out until I know what is going on. Oh well, just have to wait a couple more days, my appointment is late afternoon Wednesday. If I don’t go crazy before then.

UPDATE: Do not google your symptoms if you are worried about the results of some tests. It makes you feel MUCH WORSE.

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