Outside in the fresh air

March 12, 2011

Inspired by Rachel’s post post this week over at Tales from the Village I went outside in the sunshine to take some pictures of my favourite early spring flowers, the hellebores. Turns out that with their pretty little faces turned towards the ground they are not the easiest flowers to photograph, especially as a very lumpy pregnant person who makes involuntary noises as she moves these days! Still, a couple came out well and they are so pretty. I even managed to catch a bee tucking into a nectar treat.

It was so nice to just be outside in the fresh air, not going anywhere. Our garden is starting to look alive again and Mr C has been working hard to fill it with new plants this year. He has agreed to a year off from vegetables as they take up a lot of his time and I know that it would all be a bit much with a toddler and a newborn this summer. I want him to be able to relax and just enjoy using the garden for a change.

I couldn’t write this post without a gratuitous picture of the new love of his life – his new coldframes. He likes them an awful lot!

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