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June 3, 2009

I owe the blogging world 4 more pet hates (see this post). I also owe a list of 10 newly discovered blogs. Hmmm, well, next week I am sure I will find some spare time to read new blogs!

Anyway, in the interests of a full, well rounded list that starts at 1 and ends at 5 I will list all of these pet hate thingies:

1. Text speak. I am afraid that I use proper English in my texts with correct punctuation and everything. I cannot stand all of this: C U L8R rubbish. Oh and people that text all in capitals. why the hell are you shouting at me?

2. Stupid shortening of names. For example everyone calling Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent SuBo. Aaaaggggghhhhhh.

3. The fact that all magazines talk about these days is people’s weight. What they were last month, what they are this month, how they lost it, how they put it on. How to loose weight, what is too thin, who has cellulite. The list goes on but it drives me mental. Oh and if you know what is good for you do not get me started on makeover televison shows.

4. People referring to adverts when talking. For example when using the word ‘confused’ in a sentence saying “I am”.

5. Leaving the dirty dishwater in the sink when you have finished washing up. It is not hard to tip it out and give the bowl and sink a quick rinse so that they are clean. Cold greasy usually orange washing up water is horrible. Leave the drying up though, that is what air is for!

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  • Reply Fi June 17, 2009 at 9:01 am

    I HATE that thing too. And, And I can't think of any others without exploding with anger!


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