Letters to my children

Piran { January 2015 }

January 19, 2015


This month you got a Strawberry Certificate for getting 25 Golden Points and a Green Slip (very exciting) for improvement in reading.

You are football mad. You play before school, every moment you can at school. You won’t go to the after school club though. You love being ‘Goaler’.

Your topic at school this term is 999 Emergency and you are utterly enthralled by it. You keep telling me how to call 999. And about fires and firefighters.

You will only let me or Daddy take you and pick you up from school. This can be slightly inconvenient.

You eat and eat and eat and eat.

Your two baby teeth that fell out have been replaced by grown up teeth. I miss the gaps.

You love Lego and are starting to get the confidence to build it yourself without help.

You still take your Bubba to bed every night and you want her when you are upset.

We have only just realised Bubba is a girl.

You love taking photos and keep asking for a camera of your own.

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