December 10, 2005

This feels rather strange. I have gone to London to see City Girl. Nothing big or fancy, we are just sitting in and watching tv, eating, having a few glasses of wine and generally catching up. That is not the weird bit though. This is. Sat in her room using her internet to post on my blog. I am usually either at work or sat with my ibook on the arm of the sofa in my living room. Now I am at a big desk surrounded by familiar things that actually aren’t mine. I mean, there is a photo montage on the wall with a photo of me and G#1 sat on dining room chairs pretending to be on a bus. She is in front driving and I am at the back reading a magazine. Very surreal.

This is a nice keyboard but I hate the sound that the spacebar makes – ke-dung, ke-dung. Annoying! Lets hope I can put up with it for the rest of this post! It just hit me as I was sat on the sofa, reeling from the X Factor result that I hadn’t posted yet today and I am meant to be posting every day for Holidailies.

We were sat downstairs and I noticed that City Girl had her Tarot cards and things out so she offered to do me a reading. She helped me do the I Ching (using coins) and I thought that I would share the results. I want to remember what it says and if I don’t record it somewhere I will totally forget.

So i had to think of something and throw the coins. I really wasn’t sure what I should think about so I tried to clear my mind but at the last minute I thought about work. I had two different readings.

Humility: This comes down to modesty. Fairness, sincerity and humility make a good person. No one likes a boaster or a bigot. If you are living in Harmony, are modest and sincere, you can take on any endeavour knowing that it will be met with sucess. Fame brings it’s own rewards. Don’t allow the fame or recognition you have achieved to make you big headed or immodest. Accept responsibilities given to you. Don’t shy away from work and don’t find excuses for inaction. people depend on you and you cannot let them down.

The Power of Greatness: Things are going well and look promising. Don’t overstep yourself at this time. Other people will be looking at you. Be sure to give a good example. Don’t get carried away with yourself. Be firm and strong and realise it is sometimes necessary to take a break, both for your own good and that of your projects. Don’t get sidetracked or fall into bad company. It is important now to be seen to be beyond reproach. Thgings are starting to look good, stick with it and don’t give up. Don’t get carried away – as there is still some way to go yet. Don’t push too hard, be tolerant. Don’t be too hasty, think things through.

I have to say that all of this is particually relevant to me at the moment. The project that I have been working on has gone very well and I have received a lot of praise this week. I do think that it had started to go to my head a little and I could be more modest. I do have to be careful that I don’t upset my coworkers by implying that I have gone on to bigger and better things because in a few months time the chances are that I will be back working with them doing the same old job. What I have done so far has gone well, but there is still a great deal to accomplish. I have reached a natural break and I know that I need to take some time to reflect on what I have done and plan carefully the next steps.

I know that I have been slacking off quite a bit in the last week and that if I am not careful someone will notice. I am going to go in next week and work on making sure that I am still part of my team and pull my weight a little bit more. That probably means less blogging but that’s not what I am paid to do.

Well it has given me a load to think about. I’m going to go and be sociable again now. Hope you are all having a great weekend.

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  • Reply Huw December 11, 2005 at 8:53 pm

    “I have been slacking off quite a bit in the last week and that if I am not careful someone will notice…. That probably means less blogging but that’s not what I am paid to do.”

    Eeesh! This bit made me squirm with guilt!

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