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Review: Pregna-Pillo

March 19, 2011

Initial thoughts: When I received the pillow I was surprised as it was much smaller than I had expected. I have a pillow from my first pregnancy that is huge and took up half the bed so the smaller size was appealing. I did wonder if it would make a difference though. By this point in my pregnancy I was using various pillows, arranged in particular ways that made getting in and out of bed, and turning over in the night like a military operation!

I liked: It took me a couple nights to work out how to use this pillow. Initially I found that the top dug into my ribs as I had it perpendicular to my body. I have since realised that it is much better on an angle and if I tuck the bottom right under the bump up against my hip and have the top corner poking out it is perfect. One by one all of my other pillows have disappeared and I now use this pillow only. It’s a revelation!

I didn’t like: I would say that there is a knack to using this pillow but once you work out how to use it and get comfortable I cannot fault it at all.

Overall: This pillow has made my nights so much better. Not only is it small, compact and does a brilliant job it has also solved the problems I was having when Piran was in the bed with us, as previously the pillows I was using prevented me from cuddling him. This pillow does not get in the way at all which has been amazing. It has a removable, washable cover and can also be used after the baby is born as a support for breastfeeding.

Further information: Check out the Pregna-Pillo website for further information and testimonials from customers. The pillow is for sale on the website for £24.99 plus P&P but I also found it on Amazon for £23.99.

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