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Review: Spar Wines

December 21, 2016

Spar Wines kindly sent us some bottles from their award winning wines to review. It was a great selection, full of some of our favourites and we have enjoyed tasting them over the past couple of weeks at various times.

For a Night in with friends.

Prosseco Speciale RRP £9.00

Spar Prosecco 11:07

They say: This off-dry sparkling wine offers real quality, a fine mousse that is bursting with zesty flavours and aromatic peach.

Our verdict: The words ‘Extra Dry’ in big bold lettering on the label almost put me off before I started on this one. To me dry = acidic and dry wines rarely agree with me. Not in this case however, I took this to a friend’s house to drink and it was light and delicious. One that I would definitely like to drink again.


For a meal with that special someone.

Chablis RRP £11.00


They say: Dry and elegant, this Chablis emanates crisp citrus and subtle fruit aromas. The wine pairs perfectly with light fish dishes such as sea bass with fresh salad.

Our verdict: I asked Mr C to help me write about this one and I won’t tell you what he said, but it was most unhelpful. Which just goes to show that you can choose good wine, but not always choose good company. I am not usually a drinker of white wine but in the past I have made an exception for a Chablis. It isn’t the time of year for salad, and white wine usually means summer to me, so although this wouldn’t be my first choice at Christmas this would definitely be a great wine for summer.


For a family get together.

Chateauneuf du Pape RRP £13.50


They say: An intensely perfumed nose is followed by a classic, structured palate with black cherry and blackberry fruit and elegant spicing from the oak.

Our verdict: We are big lovers of Chateauneuf du Pape and this bottle did not disappoint. Red wine is my go to drink in the winter months and this was perfect with a nice Sunday dinner. I would be happy to drink this with my Christmas dinner for sure and it would make me feel like it was a special wine for a special meal.

Disclosure: We were provided with three bottles of wine to taste and write about. All opinions written above are my own, from my non trained palate!



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