A short list of things Piran has learnt this week

January 31, 2011

This time Piran is stealing from Victoria.

1. How to give proper cuddles, with arms round someone, with optional back / head stroking.

2. How to stand on the furniture (Mummy’s heart cannot take this).

3. That if you stand up on the armchair then step backwards you fall and bonk your head!

4. Mummy can be quite grouchy if you hit her in the face repeatedly at 1am.

5. When Mummy points the camera at you she really loves it when you say ‘Cheese’.

6. How to say ‘New Shoes’.

7. To blow a kiss at Mummy when she puts me in my cot and say Na-Naa (goodnight)

8. Sleeping in bed with Mummy is fun, but she looks very grumpy if she wakes up to find me sleeping starfish style in the middle of the bed.

9. Mackerel pate is yummy.

10. Having my haircut is very strange, and a bit upsetting but I get cake afterward.

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