November 11, 2012

Dear Piran and Kate,

I write letters to each of you every three months, but I wanted to write this one to you both. I feel the urge to record and capture this moment in time so that I have something to look back on if you spend all your time falling out when you are older.

Piran, over the past eighteen months, from the moment that we bought home the small ball of fury that was Kate, you have been a wonderful big brother. From the moment that you looked on that little baby in awe and wonder you have always wanted to be near her. You called her your ‘Bubby’ for months and then Kate. When she grew you would tell anyone who would listen that she was your sister. You play with her, you rarely get annoyed with her, even when she messes up your games. You don’t like going anywhere without her, and if you have to I always have to tell you over ad over again exactly what she will be doing when you are not there. You are constant companions, spending all day every day together, whether you are at home, Nanny’s or at ‘Work’ (nursery). You speak kindly to her, wish her goodnight and always ask where she is the minute you get up in the morning. Only you can make her scream with glee. When you are together you are always having fun. Too much fun that is a bit too rough at times, but always well meaning. You pretend to be a dog when she is upset until you make her laugh. You cuddle and kiss her. You love to dance with her. You are the best big brother anyone could wish for.

Kate, I am convinced that the reason that you starting crawling and then walking quite quickly was just so you could trail your brother from room to room. You hated being left behind. Now you are his constant shadow, always needing to know where he is and what is is doing. You usually want to join in. You chatter away to him in your own way, giving him presents of toys from all over the room. You copy every little thing that he does. It is the most wonderful thing. I could watch the two of you playing together forever. Yes, you squabble a bit (or he tells you off and you make a loud noise of frustration at him WAAAH) but mostly you sort it out amongst yourselves and just get on with it. This morning he was crying because Mummy had said no to something and you held your arms out and said ‘cuddle’ and gave him a lovely hug. It melts my heart to see you like that together. Piran makes you laugh and you like to be silly to make him laugh too. You cannot say his name yet, but I think you mostly call him ‘Daddy’ at the moment.

This picture will always make me happy, to see the two of you making each other laugh, just hanging out on a bench sharing hot chocolate and an apple after stomping through the leaves.

This is what I see every day. This is what I have strived to capture on camera and finally have. This is what I hope you will be like together forever.

I love you both, and you love each other.

All my love,

Mum x

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