A sigh of relief

August 1, 2005

Well that is one over! Girlie number 1 was very cool about it all and was really sweet asking how I was and stuff. All good. Already told Girlie number 2 by text message yesterday and we have plans to go the pub after work tomorrow for a full autopsy and that will be great. I can be a lot more honest with her as she is not as close to Jon as others.

It was fantastic seeing Emma this weekend and actually managing to spend some quality time together just hanging out. Plus I got to spend mega time with the most gorgeous girl in Hayle, her 18 month old daughter Lauren. She is absolutely amazing, has the most beautiful face and Emma’s eyes with wispy blond hair and a smile that melts my heart!

My sister had a baby at exactly the same time as Emma and I got to play with his lordship this weekend too. We rocked playing on his swing when the rain stopped. He has the most adorable little wellie boots. He also has the best laugh I have ever heard and is turning out to be leathal with his plastic golf clubs. All i can say is watch your toes. There was loads more that happened this weekend but I will fill in the gaps when I have time!

Watching America’s Next Top Model on Living TV and Michelle just got voted off. Finally! I was just so fed up of watching her blub every week. Crap TV but Girlie Number 1 and I are so totally sucked in!

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