Silly story

July 8, 2005

Matt and I were bored at work so he gave me some prompts and I had to write a story. He said a tall man with long hair, a tower, a door and a forest. This was what I came up with:

Once upon a time there was a man with very long hair. It was so long that he kept tripping over it all the time as it trailed on the floor like a bride’s train on her wedding dress. It was always getting really dirty from dragging on the floor and everytime he left the house it would get stuck in the door. I am sure that you can appreciate that this was all very annoying for the man.

“Why was it so long?” I hear you all ask. Well that was the thing. When the man was a little boy he was out playing in the forest one day when he saw a pond in a clearing in the woods. He was watching this pond for a while before he noticed a rather large red frog jumping around and eating flies. After a while he got terribly bored of watching the frog. He looked around him and then he saw a big rock. “I think it would be really funny if I scared the frog” he thought to himself. So he picked up the rock and threw it as high as he could. The rock flew through the air and past the frog and ended up in the pond with a massive splash! Suddenly the frog started to look very angry and the boy thought that it might not have been such a great plan to try to scare him. The frog swelled up and up and up and in a big booming voice,

“Damn you and your childish pranks little boy.

Win or lose, sink or swim,
One thing is certain you’ll regret this day,
Long sideburns, great long locks, your hair will grow forever.…
Bom, bom, bom, bayaa, bom, bom, bom, bayaa.”

The boy turned and fled.

“Why didn’t he cut it?” I hear you all ask.Over the next few days when nothing changed he began to forget about the frog and the curse. However when his mother next tried to cut his hair the scissors simply snapped. They tried everything, knives and saws and even axes but it was the same everytime – the tool just broke. It wasn’t really that bad to begin with as the boy was still growing and he grew and grew and became a tall man so his hair was long but still ok. When he reached 18 however he stopped growing but his long flowing locks didn’t. In the end they were tangled around his feet and nothing he could do could stop it from getting in his way.

One day he was wandering around the forest and he saw a tower. He went to have a look and after a while sat down and fell asleep. He was having a lovely dream about unicorns when he was rudely awaken. At first he had no idea why he was awake and then he realised that something was tickling his face. “Just my hair” he mused and brushed it away. Suddenly he realised his hair was not on his face, it was someone elses. He jumped up, tripped on his hair, and immediately fell over. Once he managed to get to his feet and stay there he looked up to the very highest window and saw a beautiful girl with very long hair – so long it was hanging out of the window and touching the ground.

The two of them immediately fell in love and lived happily ever after in the forest behind the wooden door with their hair filling the tower!

Matt says he likes it until the bit at the end with the woman but I told him to bugger off. I love a happy ending!

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