Letters to my children

Six months

November 4, 2011

Dear Kate,

Today you are six months old. This is all together mind blowing to me. It is a mixture of feeling like you have been around for a long time, but also that surely six months cannot have passed already since that day we bought you home from the hospital all squishy and cute.

You have certainly grown since then that is for sure. Your clothes seem to shrink you grow that fast and I already have piles and piles of little clothes that it is hard to imagine you ever fit into. I love your clothes though, and you have so many pretty things to wear. I think you like them too, as you try and eat anything that I dress you in.

In fact you chew everything you can get your hands on. Clothes, toys, Daddy’s trainers (bad plan), your baby gym, cups, tablecloths. You also like to chew people, hands being a favourite, although this week before I realised what you were doing you had grabbed one of my ears and the side of my mouth in your chubby hands and started gumming away at my face. It is a good job that you don’t have any teeth yet. You are definitely ready to start eating and this week we started giving you some food and you joined us for your first Sunday dinner. It felt like a really special moment. You are very enthusiastic when it comes to eating so far, I hope it lasts.

The last three months have been a rollercoaster. We took you to Cornwall to have you Christened with your brother and to meet the rest of your family. You did a lot of crying over the two weeks we were there. We were still trying to figure you out and understand what makes you happy. Eventually we realised that you had been trying to tell us that you wanted cold milk not warm milk. That really made a difference and since then things have been quieter. You do not like to be held when you have your milk either. You are an independent little soul who will tell us in no uncertain terms when things are not to your liking. You get very unhappy if you are overtired. You have a very loud scream. You are feisty and beautiful and so alert and interested in everything.

You can: roll over, sit up, smile, laugh. You like: toys that crinkle, chewing things, sleeping on your side, your brother, sitting up, standing up, your new walker, sitting on laps. You don’t like: being left alone, doing one thing for more than ten minutes, cuddling, staying up past 5pm, being left awake in your cot, being left on your front for too long. Things that make you smile: Piran, mummy being silly, wiggly fingers. Things that make you laugh: Mummy jumping out from round the corner, me rubbing my face on your tummy, being swung around. You are starting to chat, burble and coo. You make a grunting noise that is horrible, and drives me bonkers. You have a scream this week that could smash glass. You are the only baby I know that can cry and smile at the same time.

You will occasionally cry and cry if I pick you up the wrong way but Piran can grab and pull and push and squeeze and kiss and cuddle you as much as he wants and you never ever complain. If he is in the room your eyes are on him. He loves to hug you and kiss you and show you how to dance. If you are upset he will sing you “Twinkle, twinkle”. He calls you Bubby still and I love it. I love to just watch the two of you together. I am sure that you will be loving soon and able to get in his way and run off with his toys but for now all he has is love for you. In a few weeks you will start going to nursery with him too which I think will be lovely for both of you.

This last picture is you today. Life has been hard work for all of us over the past three months and I have not been feeling as happy as I would have liked. I hope that you feel safe and secure and know that you are loved by all of us. I try and take time every day to sit and chat to you and smile and make you laugh. I wish I had more time some days but I am always here if you need me. You have beautiful blue eyes and curly eyelashes and you are simply beautiful. You have taught me a lot about myself, that I am stronger and more resilient than I ever thought possible. That I will do anything for my children no matter how bad I feel.

I love you baby girl. You are gorgeous and have the most perfect smile. I am looking forward to everything in your future, and cannot wait to know what type of little girl you are starting to become.

Love Mum x

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